Staying Focused While Working From Home

If you are still working, you might find things that will easily distract you. (especially since I have just bought the new Animal Crossing on the switch) But here are a few tips to keep you focused during the workday!

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A Good Girls Guide To Murder By Holly Jackson

Every time I put this book down to either go to work, eat or any other human activity, my mind was so impatient and there was an itch to instantly pick it back up again. I can’t get over the exciting, page-turning events taking place throughout this book and now without a doubt, I will be buying plenty more young adult crime thrillers.

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A Travellers Guide To Sight Seeing In Prague

Bright buildings, extraordinary history and amazing culture. Czech Republic’s most popular city has the charm to make anyone fall in love with its beauty. Whether you love architecture, unusual food or just want to quench your thirst with a good beer, Prague is definitely the place to be.

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