Marrow Charm by Kristin Jacques | Blog Tour

I’m a big fan of fantasy, dystopian books, especially when magic is involved and Marrow Charm had all of this. It was a bit overwhelming to begin with as you get thrown into this magical world, full of non-stop action. It then became extremely hard not to be consumed by the dystopian, creative world and I quickly became hooked until the very end!

Heartbreak Cafe: No Experience Required by Janet Quin – Harkin

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! My boyfriend and I have a planned a not so very Valentine’s Day because It’s not something we massively celebrate, apart from last year where we went to Prague. We are both doing something later that we have been wanting to do for ages. Yes, that’s right, make our own donna kebabs instead of a takeaway. I will have to update you if this fails or not. Anyway, here I am with another book review!

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