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I’m so happy that Autumn is here! I love the colder weather and darker nights, it means I get to be all cosied up at home with a cup of tea and a book! Thank you Danni from _ForBooksSake for tagging me in this fun post and make sure to go and check out her amazing blog!

Hot Chocolate | What is your comfort book?

I have a few books that I re-read if I’m in a slump or don’t feel like reading anything new. These books are Night Owls, Alex Approximately, and Starry Eyes all by Jenn Bennet. These books never fail to put me in a good mood and they still continue to pull me from any of my reading slumps.

Pumpkin Carving | What is your favourite creative outlet?

I love photography, that is definitely my creative outlet. I’m always finding new ways to create new photos. This even means having little photoshoots with my cat, that I’m sure he loves. I also love taking photos for my Instagram and it means I can combine my love of books and photography!

Falling Leaves | Changes that appear bad but you secretly love?

I’ll have to go with Danni on this one! I love rain, thunder, snow, any type of storm really. Especially in autumn and winter when it’s cold and darker earlier and I can cuddle up a big blanket a book while it’s stormy outside!

Pumpkin Spiced Latte | Something you love that others tend to judge

I didn’t know what to do write for this one so I went to the completely wrong place for answers. I went to my best-friends group chat and I don’t think I ready to expose myself to some of the things they said! One thing they did say is my taste in bad romance films and they are not wrong haha! I just re-watch the same ones over and over again and they can’t stand it but I love it.

Bonfire Night | What makes you explode with joy?

My little kitty Fenrir. I can’t get enough of him, he is honestly the perfect cat. He loves his snuggles and playing but he also likes his time outside and I just don’t think he could get any better.

Fright Night | Favourite scary book or film?

My favourite scary film is probably A Quiet Place. I know there are a lot of films with similar concepts but this one just stands out to me and I never get bored of watching it.

Does The Hunting Party class as a scary book? It’s definitely creepy but I don’t think I really have any favorite scary books at the moment. Oh well! I recently read The Hunting Party by Lucy Foley and loved everything about it. Especially the eeriness of the isolated Scottish highland, where the characters in the book were staying. It’s the perfect murder mystery for the spooky season. You can read my review here!

Halloween candy | Favourite thing to eat?

Custard donuts are my weakness. I know a lot of people don’t like them and probably disgusted at the thought of them but I can’t get enough. Enjoy this photo of me nearly crying when I went to work in America and finally taking my first bite into a custard donuts after being there for 9 weeks.

Custard Donut

Scarves | Your autumn ‘must have’ accessory

I absolutely love big woolly scarves. I would wear one all year round if I could. The one I have now is a big woolly mustard one which is perfect for autumn because of its colour and it just really really cosy.

Fire | A book or film that burns your soul

If this is along the lines of disliking or being disappointed by a book or film then it definitely has to be The Mortal Instruments film for me. I loved the books so much when I first read them and I was so excited about the film. But then I watched it… I had such high hopes and I was so disappointed afterward because I didn’t enjoy it. I didn’t think it did the books much justice. However, the TV adaptation made up for it a bit.

Toffee Apples | A book or film that seems one thing but really has a different inside

This isn’t what this question means at all but the film Inception was nothing like I thought it would be. It was so complex with loads of hidden meanings, it’s so difficult to describe but I really think you should watch it if you haven’t. But here’s why it’s nothing like I thought it would be, I thought it was about trains! No idea where I got that from and I never bothered to look up anything about it. There is a little scene on a train but overall, nothing to do with trains and I find it so funny now.

Thank you again Danni for the tag, I had a lot of fun writing this! I’m going to leave it open for anyone to have a go but I might go and tag some people tomorrow when I have time to see who hasn’t done one like this or similar!

Let me know in the comments what you do that others may judge you for!

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23 October 2020 at 2:29 pm

Well this was a warm and fuzzy post to read on a Friday morning. Enjoy the rest of your Fall!

23 October 2020 at 10:07 pm

Loved your answers! I am very partial to custard doughnuts as well haha. Also Fenrir is very cute

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