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Blog Tour: The Witch House by Ann Rawson

Welcome to my stop on The Witch House Blog Tour! I’m very excited to be sharing my review with you. Thank you Red Dog Press for giving me the chance to review this book and as they are an independent indie publisher, it’s important to support blog tours and book releases to help promote these amazing authors and their writing. Please check out the other stops on the blog tour and if the book sounds intriguing to you, go give it a read!


I’ve Who can you trust, if you can’t trust yourself?

Alice Hunter, grieving and troubled after a breakdown, stumbles on the body of her friend and trustee, Harry Rook. The police determine he has been ritually murdered and suspicion falls on the vulnerable Alice, who inherited the place known locally as The Witch House from her grandmother, late High Priestess of the local coven. When the investigations turn up more evidence, and it all seems to point to Alice, even she begins to doubt herself.

Can she find the courage to confront the secrets and lies at the heart of her family and community to uncover the truth, prove her sanity, and clear herself of murder?


Why I Like This Book

“I thought one day I would grow out of my ugly duckling phase and turn into a swan.”

I was hooked from the very beginning of this book. It is quite rare that I get stuck into a story from the first few pages, but I did with this one! As a lover of mysteries and thrillers, I knew this book would be for me, and it didn’t disappoint. The plot was amazing and well thought out. All the characters seemed to have some significance to the storyline. Finally, the background of the characters who were involved in the coven wasn’t overdone or unrealistic, but I definitely would have liked to see more of it.

The Story

“There was blood, too. Just a little. And another sharp stick, piercing through his hand, his palm. Exactly like the one that skewered the rabbit.”

We follow Alice on her journey after her release from Brookfields Mental Facility, where straight away she comes across a dead body, her friend Harry Rook. We have dropped into the mystery straight away and of course, it gets more complicated before it gets better.

All aspects of Alice’s life all seem to play a role in the active murder investigation in Cuckmere. Her mental breakdown after her grandmother’s death is very important to the story, everyone around her either treats her like a fragile flower or completely disregard her. And according to the Police, she has more than one motive to kill Harry Rook. But with Alice’s past being dug up about the Cuckmere Coven, a stalker, an absent mother, caseworkers and no control over her inheritance she has all the motivation she needs to find the real killer and clear her name.

Alice’s Witch status, the Cuckmere Coven and who is associates with it seems to be brushed over. It seemed to be a big part of the families life and we rarely got to see and explore this properly.

The Characters

“And to think I was worried about coming across as posh and privileged. I laughed.”

I feel as all the characters played important roles throughout the book. Each taking it turn to have their story told and bring new information forward. The characters didn’t feel forced, they had relevance to the story and everything seemed to flow exceptionally well.

Alice has not had an easy life and she’s still paying for her family secrets. But as the strong female protagonist, she finds a way to cope with this unbelievably well, making her a likeable character even more. Even after Alice’s devastating disruption in her life.

Although we saw a lot of characters, it is nearly impossible to get to know every detail of a characters life. Daniel and his connection to the story felt a bit rushed towards the end and could do with more explanation. However, this could be entirely intentional of the author for setting up a sequel.

Overall Thoughts

“It was like poking a tiger with a sharp stick. Or perhaps more like climbing into the big cats’ enclosure at the zoo. Perhaps I was crazy, after all. ”

Overall, ‘The Witch House’ exceeds my expectations. If you are a lover of mystery, thriller and anything witchy, this is the perfect book for you. The well thought out plot and character always add something new to the story. It isn’t confusing or doesn’t feel forced. The reader is constantly trying to figure out the real killer throughout the book, hooking them from start to finish.

Rating: 3.5/5

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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11 August 2020 at 12:35 am

This book sounds so good! I’m definitely adding it to my list. Thanks for sharing!

12 August 2020 at 8:04 pm

Ooh this sounds like a fantastic read! I love thrillers and it’s great that all the characters had a part to play. I’m really intrigued by the plot as well. Great review – thanks for the recommendation.

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