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Glossybox July 2020

Hello Everyone! I’ve been meaning to do a glossy box review for ages now but I can never find the time! One of my July goals is to schedule more reading and blogging time and I’m finally getting on top of it!

I was a bit disappointed with this months Glossy Box as there were only a few products that I would consider buying again.

Glow Drop Primer

I always love highlighting primers due to suffering with dry skin. They illuminate the face and make it more dewy for a bit longer instead of dry and flaky. I’m sure others with dry skin will understand. I found that my skin felt hydrated throughout the day.

However, I did find that in certain lights, my foundation had a pink hue. This may be from certain lights but I have never noticed this before until I used this primer. Another reason for this is because I have very pale skin and the pink tint in the primer must have been too dark for my skin/foundation.

I would recommend this for anyone who has dry skin and wants to add a dewy glow to their face.

RRP: £16

Orange Juice Hand Cream

This product is my favourite in the July box. The smell as soon as you take the lid off is heavenly and reminds me of Terry’s Chocolate Orange’s, who doesn’t want their hands to smell like chocolate?

With the cream including shea butter, aloe vera and chamomile, there is no doubt that it’s going to be hydrating. I didn’t feel the need to constantly apply hand cream as it felt moisturising throughout the day.

The packaging is beautiful rather than a plain white bottle. It makes the product more appealing to use.

RRP: £11.50

Aloha Bronzer

If your looking for a beautiful shimmery bronzer that isn’t too pigmented then this is perfect, especially for the summer months.

I personally prefer matt bronzer so I can wear more highlighter and glittery eyeshadow. But I have started to wear this more when sporting a more natural make-up look.

It’s easy to blend and a bit of product goes a long way, so be careful if you’re packing it on your brush.

The shade is slightly orange which wouldn’t be a problem if you’re not as pale as me. To resolve this I ended up just putting a bit more powder over the top to reduce the colour.

RRP: £19.80

Palm Balm

Looking at this product I assumed straight away that it was a lip balm. As I struggle with dry lips as well as biting them so I find it hard to get lip balms that are hydrating enough. This was not one of those. It felt sticky and didn’t stay on my lips when I applied it. It did leave a nice rosy pink tint though.

I then realised its not just a lip balm and you can use it as a blush and eyeshadow! I think this is so interesting as i’ve never owned a product that can be used as all three.

I still need to try this product as a blush or eyeshadow, let me know in the comments if you have tried either!


Fruit Slice Mask Sheet

Now, I love a good face mask. My skin always feels so clean and hydrated. Another thing I love is watermelon! When I opened this I thought it would be a big watermelon sheet masks. I was surprised to find lots of little watermelon circles that you place on your face individually. I think this is a fun idea but there isn’t enough to cover all of your face like a sheet mask would. With this concept it does mean you have more control to place the little masks where you need them most on your face. But, i’m sure others agree that it just makes sense for a mask to cover the whole face.

I found them to be a bit itchy and irritable and just a bit disappointing.

RRP: £4

Let me know what you thought of the July glossy box and which product you would want the most from the July 2020 box!

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15 July 2020 at 8:29 pm

My, that orange juice hand cream looks amazing, and it must have such a refreshing scent!
The palm balm sounds fascinating; I have never heard of anything like it so I will have to check it out. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

21 July 2020 at 6:48 pm

Ahhh, I love such monthly boxes! It’s really exciting to see what’s in there. 😀

I’m a big fan of hand creams and I love oranges so I’ll probably like this one!

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