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Love Almost by Hayley Doyle

Love Almost
Author: Hayley Doyle
Pages: 423
Genre: Romance | Women’s Fiction
Publisher: Avon Books UK
Expected Publication: 7th January 2021

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Goodreads Synopsis

Chloe is deliriously in love for the very first time. But when Jack, her boyfriend of five months, is killed in a tragic accident, she is left reeling. Their relationship was amazing – but it never really had the chance to get started. Grieving but determined, Chloe decides to live life for the both of them and makes her way through the list of things they’d planned to do together – this time on her own.

My Review

This book was very heartbreaking and heartwarming all in one. Apart from what felt like a slow start to me, I ended up really enjoying it. The whole story revolves around Chloe’s grief after her boyfriend of 5 months, Jack, was killed in an accident. I really felt for Chloe throughout, because although she only knew him for a short amount of time, she was the one who was with him for his last few months. I can’t exactly relate to what Chloe is going through, and I’ve read plenty of books involving loss and grief but this was very real and inspiring to see her find herself again.

Chloe is now living in London by herself, stuck in a secondary school teaching job that she’s not sure she really wants to do. We see her pick up the pieces of her life while trying to get over the man she thought was the one. She can still picture him in her life and tries to relive the memories they shared together to try and keep him near.

We learn about Jack’s character quite a bit throughout the book at the same time Chloe does. I really like how this is done and it also puts more emphasis on how little they actually knew each other. This is mentioned a lot through friends and family of Chloe as well. The majority of them were really unsupportive of her situation and at times this difficult to read.

I loved her colleague Simon! I didn’t expect him to be in it as much as he was. He had his own storyline that was entertaining and it was great to see his and Chloe’s friendship develop.

Overall, I would say it’s a really great love story that tackles grief really well. I expected there to be more of a romance with Chloe and Jack so that we could connect with them as a couple. But I ended up loving how the focus was more on Chloe moving on and finding herself.

Rating: 3.5/5

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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12 December 2020 at 7:38 am

This book sounds heartbreaking! I’m tearing up just thinking about the premise.

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