A Travellers Guide To Sight Seeing In Prague

Prague from the Charles Bridge
View of Prague Castle

Bright buildings, extraordinary history and amazing culture. Czech Republic’s most popular city has the charm to make anyone fall in love with its beauty. Whether you love architecture, unusual food or just want to quench your thirst with a good beer, Prague is definitely the place to be. I’ve dreamed about going to Prague for years and I finally had the chance to go. Nothing makes me happier than walking around a new city, wrapped up in winter clothes, finding new and wonderful things. However, if the cold isn’t your cup of tea, I have read quite a few times Prague is just as perfect in the warmer summer months.

Old Town Square

There’s a reason that so many people visit Prague each year, there is that much to see and do in the city. You will never be short of things as you plan your trip. I would recommend staying at least 3 or 4 days to make sure you get around the city. Explore everything you want to with gaining a feel for the culture while your there.

In this blog post, I will be showing you the must-see sights, followed by another post on what to eat and drink and where to go. Think of it as a simple travellers guide to Prague.

Must-See Sights!

Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is a must-see tourist attraction, and might as well be at the top of your list. There is no avoiding the amazing sight of all the artists, musicians and souvenir vendors that line both sides of the bridge. Don’t worry though, there is still plenty of room to look out over the river and maybe even take a few sneaky candid photos.

If you love the picturesque views of architecture while the sun is going down. The Charles Bridge is the perfect place to watch the sun go down. You can fully enjoy the breathtaking view of Prague fully lit up against the evening sky.

The history of the bridge is fascinating, with it being the only means to cross River Vltava until 1841. Making it the most important connection between Prague Castle and Old Town. One significant thing that makes the bridge so compelling, is the 30 statues placed along either side. Today the statues are being gradually replaced with copies to preserve the originals from the 17th and 18th centuries. If you want to read more about the history of the bridge and the statues, read this article

Prague Castle

Prague Castle

It took us a couple of days to visit the Castle, even though our hotel was right round around the corner. The castle dominates the skyline, by majestically sitting on a hillside above the Lesser Town. Strolling around outside the castle, seeing the views from the top of the hill and watching the changing of the guards at 12pm doesn’t cost a Koruna. However, if the fascination lies behind the castle walls you can buy tickets to see the beauty from within.

If you have a busy itinerary, make sure you see the changing of the guard at 12pm. Make sure to there early enough as the crowd soon builds up. You’ll soon hear the trumpets and the marching of footsteps starting the ceremony. Although it only lasts a few minutes, it is definitely worth the trip up to the castle. I hope you prepare to walk up hundreds of steps before getting there!

Guard at Prague Castle

Old Town Square

Old Town Square

Staroměstské náměstí, also known as Old Town Square is the central square of the historic part of Prague, Making it one of the greatest tourist attractions in the city, along with Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. With the square being situated in the centre of Prague 1, it is almost impossible to miss.

The buzz of the square, crowded bars and restaurants, tourists flooding the grounds to take photos are all reasons why we came here every day. The atmosphere was unreal and made sure to pull you back in for more. Each way you walk there is always something new and exciting to discover. As well as the beautiful architecture and historical sights to see, there is also plenty of bars to stop in to have a cheeky drink, rest your feet, take in the view, whatever you please.

The absolute highlight of Old Town Square is the famous Astronomical Clock, a.k.a. Orloj.

Astronomical Clock

Astronomical Clock

You won’t have any problem finding the Clock once you make it to Old Town Square. After 9am the crowds start increasing at every full hour, waiting to see what magic this clock has to share. It really is a must-see sight on your trip.

The days we went to Prague, the sun was shining beautifully across the square. However, this made it quite difficult to see the full beauty of the clock.

How can I complain though? It is definitely better than walking around in the rain. (Which we did on the first night, resulting in me slipping down a steep hill!) After a walk around the square, exploring where each little side road took you and after stopping off at (a lot) of bars and finding somewhere to eat. We found our way back across the Charles Bridge and at The Lennon Wall.

The Lennon Wall

The Lennon Wall

How do I describe this wall? Apart from a colourful, historical mural of graffiti and Beatles lyrics. After Lennon’s death, he became a pacifist hero for many Czechs. Every inch has been filled with Lennon-inspired graffiti and song lyrics, and looking at it will take your breath away. Unlike Old Town Square or the Charles Bridge where tourists fill every free space. The tucked-away street is quiet, almost respectful space where visitors walk down the length of the beautifully painted wall, take a few photos and then go on their way. Around the corner from this historical sight is a little pub ‘The John Lennon’ situated perfectly just a 1-minute walk with all the Beatles history for everyone to see. Look out for my next blog post on Food and Drink in Prague!

Dancing House

As much as I love historic architecture, I am absolutely in love with this building. Anything weird and unusual, exactly like this building is my cup of tea. If you prefer to stay around Old Town you will miss out on this lovely building as it is a bit of a walk from the main tourist areas. But as I have said before there are plenty of bars to stop at on the way (Cheaper too)! If you want to get a better view from above, there is a sightseeing terrace which costs around 200ck.

If you don’t fancy the walk, I’m positive you can jump on the tram/met. Or if you like the walk so you can see more there are a few ways you can go. Stroll down the river, along with where all the boats dock or parade through the streets of Prague to find the hidden markets, shops and bars.

Prague has always been one of my favourite cities even though this is the first time I’ve visited. Though the tourist season is never-ending, Prague’s elegance will always amaze me and make it worth visiting. I hope this post helps you when you go to Prague and the things you must add to your itinerary to go and see.

Look out for my next post coming soon, all about the food and drink in Prague! We found some of my favourite bars and restaurants just from walking around and now you can find them too!

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