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Six Stories Series by Matt Wesolowski | 4 Mini Book Reviews

Hello Everyone! I can’t believe it’s the middle of October already, I really have been slacking with the blog posts the past couple of months but I have been sooo busy. I will be posting a September Wrap Up this week only though I did read two books last month, it will probably be more of an overall book and life update. Anyway, I have quite a long post for you today as I’ve just finished reading book 4 of Matt Wesolowski’s Six Stories series with the Write Reads gang so I thought I would share my thoughts so far. I’ve been loving this series so far and I can’t wait to carry on with the series.

I would definitely recommend these books either as a full series or as a standalone if you are looking for a quick easy yet incredibly twisty and creepy read.

Six Stories #1

Pages: 225
Format: Paperback
Genre: Mystery | Thriller | Crime
Published: 1st Dec 2016

Six Stories is incredibly creepy, unique and insanely gripping all the way through. I love the podcast style of writing, It makes the story completely captivating and really gives you the ability to get lost in the mystery.

In this book, the 2017 murder case of Tom Jefferies is brought to light in the present day. Scott King interviews 6 different people who are connected to the case in hopes that he can understand the mystery and see what went wrong on that frightful trip to Scarclaw Fell.

I could go on and about how intense and thrilling this book but you definitely need to pick it up and witness the ingenious of the writing, characters and epic twists that all come with it. You definitely won’t be disappointed!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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Hydra #2

Pages: 258
Format: Paperback
Genre: Horror | Mystery | Thriller
Published: 24th Dec 2017

Scott King is back with another epic mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This is a hell of a lot creepier and frightening than the first book which is why I enjoyed it massively, I could not tear my eyes away from the page.

This time we are told about the Macleod family massacre that was committed by Arla, the daughter who is now committed in a mental health institution. Straight away we delve into Arla’s world as Scott King is on a mission to find out what went wrong, why she did it and what other factors or people were involved?

I found this book a lot more fast-paced, intensely creepy and very well written. I love how hard it is to know what was real and what wasn’t because it really does pull you in. Especially when part of Arla’s world started to turn up in Scott’s life. From spooky Japanese ghost games to stalker black-eyed kids, there is plenty to make you read on and maybe get a few goosebumps in the way!

Overall, Hydra is definitely one of my favourites in the series just because of how creepy and eerie it is. I also really connected with this book as Arla attended the same university I did which did give me a bit of a weird feeling but it was really nice to know the area in which some of it was set. So if you are looking for a fabulous yet hair-raising series I highly recommend this, or even to read as a stand-alone.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Changeling #3

Pages: 320
Format: Paperback
Genre: Horror | Mystery | Thriller
Published: 15th Nov 2018

After Wesolowski’s debut Six Stories and its sequel Hydra, I was completely hooked on this series and Changeling has probably become one of my top books of 2021. I knew it would be good but I was not ready for the chilling, supernatural myths, the unsettling secrets and the absolute jaw-dropping twist at the end.

Scott King tells us the chilling mystery of 7-year-old Alfie and his disappearance on Christmas Eve 1988 in Wentshire Forest. We hear the story told from a range of different people this time with a lot of explanation on the strange sightings they see/heard in the forest Aflie ent missing. I made a big mistake of reading a lot of this at night and started to hear a lot of strange noises in my flat because I was fully immersed in the story.

As soon as I started reading this book, I could tell it was a bit different from the rest. Although it is written in the same incredible style, the story seemed to build differently and have a particularly eerie atmosphere. My suspicions were all confirmed when I nearly screamed out loud when the final twist was revealed at the end, I could hardly contain myself and my excitement for this whole series!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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Beast #4

Pages: 242
Format: Paperback
Genre: Horror | Mystery | Thriller
Published: 24th Dec 2019

Although I loved reading this as much as the others, it wasn’t my favourite of the series. The mystery is still as intense if not more and kept me on the edge of my seat. I think it was the fact that Elizabeth Barton, the social media vlogger that horrifically froze to death in the creepy ‘Vampire Tower’ is incredibly unlikable. I found it harder to connect with this book more than the others yet I still couldn’t pull my eyes away from the story.

Scott King drags us into this mystery as well as investigating the myth of the Ergarth Vampire as he interviews 6 people who are connected to the case. We are giving a massive insight on Elizabeth’s life from her friends, parents, brother as well as other’s, it’s easy to get a feel of what type of person she was and others in her life. It would have been nice to talk to any of the three boys who were convicted of the murder.

Overall, the book is exceptionally well writing and the murder mystery plot is incredibly intense, making it extremely hard to put down once you start reading. I love how the books are all slightly different but involve some kind of myth or supernatural occurrence. If you are more into your vampire stories then Beast would definitely be a good read for you.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

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I am so excited to carry on with this series and continue following Scot King in uncovering the secrets of mysterious cases. I have just ordered book number five which is called Deity and then we have a brand new one coming out called Demon in January!

This series is definitely worth the read and not just because of the captivating stories but also because the podcast style writing is so unique and easy to follow along. Don’t worry if they all don’t take your fancy, maybe just a couple do, they can all be easily read as a stand-alone.

About the Author

Matt Wesolowski is an author from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in the UK. He is an English tutor for young people in care.

‘Six Stories’ was published by Orenda Books in the spring of 2016 with follow-up ‘Hydra’ published in the winter of 2017, ‘Changeling’ in 2018, ‘Beast’ in 2019 and ‘Deity in 2020

‘Six Stories’ has been optioned by a major Hollywood studio; ‘Changeling’ was longlisted for the Theakston Old Peculier Crime Novel of the Year, 2019 Amazon Publishing Readers’ Award for Best Thriller and Best Independent Voice.
‘Beast’ won the Amazon Publishing Readers’ Award for Best Independent Voice in 2020

Matt is represented by Sandra Sawicka at Marjacq
Film/TV Rights – Luke Speed at Curtis Brown

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