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WWW Wednesday | 18th November 2020

Hello Everyone!! Happy Wednesday, just a few more days until the weekend! I’ve seen a lot of bloggers doing WWW Wednesday and it looks like a really easy and fun way to let everyone know what you are currently reading and what you are going to read next!

WWW Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted at Taking on a World of Words, where you just answer three questions.

What are you currently reading?
What have you recently finished?
What are you reading next?

What are you currently reading?

Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

I am loving Rebecca at the moment and I’ve nearly finished it! I’m pleased to say, I will definitely be reading more classics after this. I get so absorbed in the writing while I’m reading it and really struggle to put it down. I never thought I would love a creepy, gothic novel so much.

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World War Z by Max Brooks

If you don’t know, I absolutely love anything to do with zombies. Don’t ask me why I just do! This has been on my tbr for ages and my boyfriend is constantly telling me to read it. So, I picked it up for the first time last month and I’m really enjoying it. Plus, the book itself is a bit worse for wear and looks like it’s been through the zombie apocalypse already.

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What have you recently finished?

The First Time We Met by Jo Lovett
Featured image for ARC Review 'The First Time We Met'

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I’ve been ignoring NetGalley for a bit, but I’m working my way through my requested books. I chose to read The First Time we met first because I’ve been reading a lot of heavy mystery and thrillers recently. This is a great fluffy romance to read if you are looking for something easy and heart-warming! my review will be coming this week so look out for that!

What are you reading next?

The Cousins by Karen M. McManus

This is maybe the biggest blog tour of all the blog tours!!! I absolutely love McManus’ other books and as soon as I found out about this tour I jumped on it! Look out for my stop on the 13th December, it’s going to be a good one!

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Amari and the Night Brother by B.B Alston

Isn’t this one of the most beautiful proofs you’ve seen? I’m so excited and intrigued to read this, that I’ve bumped it up on my tbr pile! Thank you to @The_WriteReads and B.B. Alston for the ARC and a spot on the blog tour! Look out for my review in the next month or so!

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I will be carrying on WWW Wednesday as it’s a really good way for you all to see what I’m currently reading/just read which may give you some ideas for your next read!

Let me know what your currently reading!

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18 November 2020 at 3:16 pm

Ooo, I loved World War Z! I thought the way the story was told was really clever. It makes me want to pick up his Bigfoot book. Great post, Ellie Mai!

18 November 2020 at 6:34 pm

I just recently read World War Z back in August I think! It’s a really interesting book.

Julia Fretwell
22 November 2020 at 8:17 am

I am currently reading
Famous 1914 -1918
by Richard Van Emden & Victor Piuk.
The War is my interest but meeting Vic, who came from Mansfield but lives in Northern France, led me to read this book.
It tells you how they decided which 21 men they chose to write about, the part they played in the war, some were yet to make their name, others were already known, but one piece of the introduction really struck me.
They talk about who survived
“to enrich and expand British culture… Anyone of these men could so easily gave been a fatality.”
Like where would we have been without Churchill, Montgomery, Alexander Fleming… how much poorer the world would have been without the writers, sculptures, musicians and others.
It was the words I then read that made me think about something I had never thought of before – the alternative. They were lucky to survive but which men died who might have made as much of a contribution to our society, who died out there who may have changed the world?
Wow what a thought!

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